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Judicial Accountability: An Australian Perspective

Justice Roslyn Atkinson of the Supreme Court of Queensland participated as a panellist in the Plenary Session: Judicial Accountability at the ANAO Meeting in Mexico on October 16, 2016. Justice Atkinson prepared a Background Paper for the panel discussion on Judicial Accountability: An Australian Perspective. The paper can be accessed by clicking here.

United Nations Human Rights Commission: Basic Principles on the Independence of the Judiciary

Adopted by the Seventh United Nations Congress on the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders held in 1985. Click here to access a full version.

Guidelines for Communications and Relationships between the Judicial Branch of Government and the Legislative and Executive Branches

The Council of Chief Justices of Australia and New Zealand developed a set of guidelines for engagement between the judiciary and the legislature and executive in April 2014. To view the guidelines, please click here.

Western Australian report on judicial complaints processes: November 2013 

The Western Australian Law Reform Commission’s report on Complaints against Judiciary accords with the JCA’s position in its reports on a structured system to deal with complaints against judicial officers.

Judges and Policy: a Delicate Balance

Lord Neuberger

Lord Neuberger

Paper by Lord Neuberger, June 2013

In this recently presented paper, Lord Neuberger discusses the role of the judiciary in the State. To read or download the paper, please click here.


The National Legal Profession Taskforce, August 2010

To read the submission of the Judicial Conference of Australia, please click here.

Guide to Judicial Conduct, 2007

Published for The Council of Chief Justices of Australia by The Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration (AIJA). To view, please click here.

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