The Judicial Conference of Australia is governed by its Rules which provide for a Governing Council and an Executive Committee.

The Rules

To read the Rules of the Judicial Conference of Australia click here.

The Governing Council

The Governing Council consists of judges and magistrates drawn from all of the courts in all jurisdictions and at all levels throughout Australia. Click here for a list of current members of the Governing Council. The Governing Council usually meets three times each year.

The Executive Committee

The Conference also has an Executive Committee which is responsible for conducting the business and managing the affairs of the Conference. Click here for a list of current members of The Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets about six times each year.

Meeting Dates for 2019 for the Governing Council and Executive Committee

Executive Committee
Thursday 31 January
Thursday 11 April
Thursday 18 July
Thursday 7 November

Governing Council 
Saturday 16 March – Melbourne
Saturday 7 June – Darwin
Saturday 12 October – Sydney


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